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8 Best Things to Enjoy Cairo in all its Glory

When flying from Riyadh to Cairo, you must be wondering what to see and enjoy for a memorable travel experience. Indeed, the Egyptian museums and pyramids has always been a hallmark of grandeur, there’re many other things to extract hidden pleasures of the Arab world’s powerhouse. Here’re a few things to do and places to explore Cairo in all its glory;

  1. Pyramids of Giza

For about 4,000 years, Pyramids of Giza has always been an embodiment of the ancient world’s amazing wonders. The extraordinary shape, absolutely perfect geometry and towering might of the pyramids have invited obvious questions like how were they built, what was the purpose and about legend of the mummy! The research performed over the centuries provided us with partial answers.

The massive tombs were built on Pharaohs command following a team of thousands of strong and dedicated labours of that time. Their hard work finally paid off as today, the Giza Pyramids stand erect, inspiring to the sight and among the greatest achievements of Egypt you can definitely enjoy when travelling from Riyadh to Cairo.

  1. Egyptian museum

The pride of Downtown Cairo and among the world’s most important collections of ancient artefacts, the Egyptian Museum lie on the north side of Midan Tahrir. The odd pink dome hides glittering treasures of the Tutankhamen and many other pharaohs along with jewellery, eating utensils, mummies, goods and toys. Just walking around the museum is an adventure in itself.

  1. Khan Al-Khalili

Khan Al-Khalili with its thin lanes represents a medieval-style mall. The cluster of shops arranged around small courtyards that house everything from precious stones to soap and washing powder, not to mention the toy camels and miniature pyramids. Except for Friday morning and Sunday, the shops open early in the morning till sunset whereas many outlets remain open for as long as there’s even a single customer walking across.

  1. Abu Tarek

The pioneers of Kushari; a typical Egyptian recipe prepared with a mix of noodles, black lentils, fried onions, tomato sauce and rice, none other than Abu Tarek have no branch. However, years of success and best of exotic blends resulted in expansion where you can enjoy the typical Arab dishes elaborated upper floors or simply take-away to eat in the comforts of your home.

  1. Coptic museum

Founded in 1908, the Coptic Museum is known to house the amazing Coptic art from Christianity earliest days in Egypt and all the way till the teachings of Islam. The place is simply beautiful and worth enjoying on your trip from Riyadh to Cairo with its elaborated woodcarvings in the galleries. There’re sculptures that represent Ptolemaic period, walls of monastery frescoes and enriched textiles.

  1. Makan

Makan; a friendly place dedicated to folk music is managed by the Egyptian Centre for Culture & Arts. When here, book in advance for Zar; traditional women’s musical trance that’s believed to be a healing ritual.

  1. Zööba

Yet another restaurant to delight your taste buds is Zööba that serves Egyptian street food with gourmet twist that includes whole wheat Kushari, fresh juices and salads. You can pack a wonderful picnic basket from the dishes they serve. Do keep space for delicious desserts for instance rice puddings served with cinnamon and sweet potatoes. When dining in, the food is served at a table all clad in zinc with exotic decoration in the surrounding.

  1. Oum El-Dounia

Exceptional tasteful and quality goods made from local crafts are experienced best at Oum El-Dounia. It’s a perfect place to grab souvenir including ceramics, jewellery, glassware, trinkets and cotton clothes when flying from Riyadh to Cairo and beyond.


Explore Cairo like never before visiting places listed above.

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