Thursday , 19 October 2017


Insurance and its common types in the city of Dubai

Insurance is the transfer of risk of a loss from one party to another in exchange for a fixed amount of payment that in commercial language is known as insurance premium. The technique is basically used for risk management purposes and is primarily used to hedge or shield against the risk of a loss of uncertain timing and amount. The ... Read More »

5 facts about engine oil in Dubai!

Cars need engine oil to operate smoothly and it also helps in keeping the vehicle’s parts lubricated, in moving condition while protects against corrosion. With all the latest detergents to the oil additives, your car is free from the usual engine gunk and sludge. Still, there’re also things about engine oil being incorrect such as changing oil after every 3,000 ... Read More »

Exchange sadness with a smile

Please watch out of the scandals and un-delightful insurance deals that is offered to a potential client when he visits any insurance offering company. One should be clear of the myth that no business firm offers insurance that covers all the articles owned by the individual. Particular commodity insurance will cover, for instance, a house, a vehicle or may it ... Read More »

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