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Reasons to Why You Should Visit Jakarta

Abandoned with the dynamic instincts, Jakarta is the city with World’s great megalopolis. Initially, it might seem confusing and over-crowded but it’s nothing other than the top most surface that you can scratch easily to reach the true beauty of Jakarta. Missing out on Jakarta on a visit to Indonesia is no less than a mistake. Believe it or not, Jakarta has plethora to astound you with. The vibrant shopping scenes, amazing nightlife and the awful set of Indonesian culture are not less than a fortune cookie for travelers. If you reside in Jeddah, you can have great offers when Book Flights from Jeddah to Jakarta.

Amazing Bars with Enticing Views

Jakarta awaits you if you are someone who’s highly obsessed with the night outs. In fact, the nightlife of Jakarta is so admirable that sometimes tourists happen to prolong their visits. With tons of swanky-lavish bars and popular restaurants, Jakarta leave a bazillion of tourist spellbound. Skye Bar is one of the cynosures when it comes to the best. Being in the 56th Floor of BCA Building in the Center, it offers the panoramic yet heart-throbbing view of Jakarta Skyline. It’s surely not less than ‘so beautiful that it hurts’.

Elite Lavish Hotels

Luxury is something that you would surely get to experience in Jakarta. There are numerous luxury hotels in Jakarta out of those the Hermitage happens to be the most prominent ones. Right after stepping in to the lobby of this hotel, you leave all the crowd mumble, traffic jams and busy streets behind. It’s as good as you are entering the whole new worlds that enriches you with none other than the peace and tranquility. Having the great rooftop bar, it’s known to be the boutique luxury hotel that keeps up with the class, elegance and the lavish exposure perhaps that’s what the luxury with meant for.

Don’t Miss out the National Monuments

The first glitch arrives of the Monas when it comes to the National Monuments. It’s the true identity of this city and symbolizes the struggle of Indonesia. Digging in further, you can then head on to the museums where you can discover about the history of Indonesia. You have more than enough chances to play around your creative instincts, so just go spread around take pictures with Monas and Museum (If allowed). It’s located in the central Jakarta so that happens to be one of the reasons to why Mona is the center of attention.

Must Go to TMII – Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

If you are willing to learn more about the Indonesian culture, TMII is the place you should visit. As translated, it’s known as Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park, that’s surely a Must-Go place and it’s located in the eastern part of the city. Although the cable car ride in the TMII might be quite scary but it’ll all get balanced if you check the scenery right there. Truly abandoned with the nature and its beauty all around, this particular spot is definitely a pearl for tourists that they shouldn’t miss at any cost.

Beach Ancol

If it’s that satisfying moment of the sunset that you are willing to enjoy, you can visit the Beach Ancol. It’s actually a beach park in Dufan having beach and amusement park all along. You can enjoy that natural sight while sitting in the café that gives you a direct and open view of the sea. Right here, you can have that priceless moment when the sun slumbers down in the lap of water making it as satisfying and calm as the sigh of relief.


This article is all about why one should pay a visit to Jakarta that finely abundant with great culture, history and lifestyle. You can book cheap flights on مسافر and avail amazing discounts and offers.

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